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Hail Hashers! This is the first in a series av Beercheck.com hashing, fitness and running reviews. Elliptical machines, such as the Sole E25 elliptical, are common exercising equipment that can be used to achieve various fitness and running goals.

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There are many different elliptical models and brands in the market. Finding one should not be a daunting task. However, landing the best machine that will meet your requirements calls for careful reviewing and considerations. The Sole e25 elliptical is one of the popular models existing in the market and while it enjoys remarkable reception, it is still important to evaluate its features. Here is a detailed description of Sole e25 elliptical product specification including its features, benefits and concerns.

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Sole E25 Elliptical Features and specifications

The Sole e25 elliptical comes with several trademark features from the manufacturer as well as a few enhancements across the line. Some of the key features you will find in this fitness machine include the following (see below!). More thorough E25 product tests and reviews can be found on consumer reports and elliptical watch.

sole e25 elliptical

Sole E25 and the Ergonomic LDC display reviewed

This Sole Fitness elliptical model E25 features a powerful blue backlit LDC that helps users to track their essential training data through the challenging cardio workouts. The display characterizes sufficient lighting and shows clear data that can be viewed in the training position without straining or bending. The ergonomic display is strategically located at a precise angle to ensure you can read the details while performing your workouts.

The color choice means it can be used in areas of dim lighting without any problem.

Multiple programs

One of the priority features people look for in elliptical machines is programming. Sole e25 elliptical product specifications include 8 different programs with 2 of them isolated for heart rate and 2 others are custom programs. These provide sufficient training metrics needed for healthy workout. It also implies the machine can accommodate varying fitness requirements. The programs are backed up by power-adjustable strides (20-22 inch maximum length).

This is just about the ideal length depicted by a majority of people.

Sufficient metric collection and presentation features

Sole e25 comes with a chest strap and pulse grip heart rate monitoring accessory to accommodate different user needs and provide options. You can use the heart rate chest strap or the pulse grip (tied on your wrist) and still get accurate metrics. Other features include 15 inch pedals, built-in sound system for workout entertainment, built-in fan, ECB resistance and LCD console that features a 6.5 inch display.

A water bottle holder is also integrated into the design to keep your hydration closer.

Ideal dimensions

The Sole e25 elliptical product specifications measures 21 inches by 58 inches by 71 inches and weighs 189 pounds. It has a weight limit of 350 pounds which is perfect for most people. These dimensions are ideal implying the machine can fit perfectly in most spaces and can handle varying gym and home training needs.

There are many other minor attributes of Sole e25. The machine comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on frame defects, three year warranty of electronics and parts and a one year warranty on labor.

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It also includes a user instruction manual for easy setup and use.

Pros of the Sole elliptical E25

The benefits of using Sole e25 are quite obvious and straightforward.

At only $999.99, you get a compact fitness training machine fully equipped with state-of-the-art features. Most customer reviews remark its ease of use, ability to collect important training data and durability. The machine has ergonomic handles and pedals that enhance comfort during workout and a strain-free display console that presents all your collected data. There is no manual fine-tuning required and the pedals are power adjustable which is another advantage.

They even put additional unit for your water bottle to make sure all necessary conveniences are at close reach. The elliptical is a one-press machine with many programs designed to collect metrics such as heart rate, calories burnt and number of strides among others. It also fits perfectly in your training room and depicts the rigidness to operate in a busy gymnasium without frequent breakdowns. What’s more, it can be used by people up to 350 pounds which is a perfect limit for general fitness requirements. When looking for an elliptical machine, the key benefits sought are often on efficiency (smooth operation), accuracy (of data collection) and comfort (ergonomic handling features and comfortable posture/angles).

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The Sole e25 elliptical specifications exhibit all these needs and incorporated durability into the design.

Cons of the machine

Although Sole e25 has desirable features and benefits, users have raised a couple of concerns that will hopefully be solved in subsequent models.

One of the major concerning issues was with the instruction manual. The user manual contains several large pictures of parts without proper assembly instructions. While it does not take a genius mind to put it all together, it sure takes significant time considering the parts are mildly heavy. Another problem is that the machine’s wheels may frequently jump from position after a few steps even when set. This is clearly described as a direct result of excessive dirt or lubrication on the track, but can still occur even without those conditions. What’s worse is that a few complaints have been raised over delayed customer service response and the machine has a rating of 3.1/5 in Amazon.com.

Nevertheless, it has many pros and has worked well for those who were able to successfully assemble it in their rooms.

Where to find the Sole E25 Elliptical

The easiest way to find any elliptical machine is through official manufacturer’s website.

However, trusted distributors such as Amazon.com and other authorized affiliates can also retail reliable quality. It is always advisable to purchase from credible licensed retailers who are allowed to operate in the area. This will ensure you get genuine original quality instead of counterfeit rebranded products. Simply visit the manufacturer’s (SOLE) site or perform a local search on your browser to find businesses that are authorized to sell the product.

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Or google it to find one of the many product testing and review sites, many of them who have recently published new and updated sole e25 elliptical reviews.

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Review Conclusion

As aforementioned, finding an elliptical machine is never an overwhelming task once you know what to look for.

E25 elliptical is manufactured by sole and distributed by various affiliate networks authorized by the producer. When purchasing the machine, it is important to pay keen attention of the above specifications and features. If the delivered item does not meet provided descriptions, then it is not a product from SOLE. Always choose credible businesses that can offer guarantees and warranties including provisions for returns and replacement in case of any faultiness on delivery.

If you own a E25 Sole elliptical, we want to get in touch with you!

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Nonetheless, Sole e25 elliptical is a great silent elliptical machine that is ideal for those with smaller rooms that cannot take the e35 model dimensions.