Q: How long are the runs?

A: Generally 3 to 6 miles. Some hares get excited and lay trails that are longer, but we usually kill them afterwards. Often, there will be a “turkey – eagle” split. The turkey trail will be shorter, the eagle will be longer!

Q: Where do we run?

A: Any place where the chances of being arrested are less than 50%. The hares will lay a trail that can go on streets, cross-country, through parks, shopping centers, tunnels, rivers, or bars. A good trail is interesting, challenging, and fun!

Q: How do I find out where the run starts?

A: Most Hash groups have a “hotline” that lists the run starts. In San Diego, you can listen to all the run starts by calling (760) 599-SHIT. There are also a number of web sites that lists the starts. The “main” site is maintained by the San Diego Hash House Harriers.

Q: What if I’m a slow runner?

A: Join the club! Although we have some fast runners in the Hash, they rarely get a date. The Hash is not a timed event and you are welcome to run, jog, or walk. The trails are designed to reward those who run smart, not fast.

Q: How do I get back to my car after the run?

A: Often, your car is an easy crawl from the end of the run. If not, the hares will offer rides back to the start on an ongoing basis. Listen for the yell “Rides to the Start!”

Q: What happens after the run?

A: That depends on the Hash group. Most offer unlimited beer and soda as part of your run fee. Some will offer “munchies” while others provide a full meal. Check with the Hash Cash ahead of time if you have any questions.

Q: What are “down downs?”

A: Down-downs are an essential part of Hashing that takes place after the run. It is a brief ceremony where Hashers are recognized for their unique achievements during the past week or on the run. The rewards usually involve singing, drinking, public humiliation, and laughter.

Q: Do I have to drink beer?

A: Beer is an essential life force for many Hashers. However, nobody is forced to drink beer. There is always soda and water available. You may have to chug a beverage during down-downs, but that beverage choice is up to you.

Q: What do I need to bring along?

A: A demented sense of humor and a desire to have fun. Men should bring along several single women.

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